Oeko-Tex®certified lingerie

The Spring-Summer 2018 season saw Princesse tam.tam begin the process to have its lingerie and swimwear collections approved by the Oeko-Tex® standard 100.
50% of our collection is currently approved by Oeko-Tex® to guarantee that no toxic or harmful products are used in the production of our lingerie and swimwear.

Soutien-gorge avec armatures HABIBI certifié Oeko-Tex® Soutien-gorge bustier MONICA certifié Oeko-Tex® Soutien-gorge avec armatures ATLAS certifié Oeko-Tex®

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Oeko-Tex® guarantees that textiles or fabrics contain no harmful substances. It's the first world-renowned accreditation intended for consumers that covers all fabrics and accessories from yarn and textiles to labels and every stage of processing. This international testing and certification system has a thorough procedure and is seen as proof of safety by the trade. It incorporates the most rigorous international regulations and pre-empts the risks and safety levels of substances that have not yet been regulated. To get the certification, an independent laboratory approved by Oeko-Tex® runs checks on the production technique and tests fabrics and supplies. Trims and non-fabric accessories on the underwear (fastenings, hooks etc.) are also tested.
Once the lingerie has been approved as in line with specifications, the Oeko-Tex® certification is valid for one year.
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