Thongs are seen as the ultimate in sexy underwear and are now a must-have in any wardrobe. They come in a range of styles so you'll find a thong to suit any occasion: basic, with or without lace.

Different types of thong

Like other types of bottoms, thongs come in different models that tend to be higher or lower cut.

There's the classic thong: it has good coverage at the front and a fairly wide belt.

The G-string: the belt and back of the underwear is skinny. There isn't much room for delicate lace.

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Who are thongs for?

These bottoms appeared in the 70s anad have become a classic popular with countless women. They're great as they're very comfortable and you soon forget you're even wearing one.
Another great thing about thongs is that you can't see them under tight clothing. Which type of body shape does this type of underwear suit?

It's ideal for ladies with wide hips and/or large thighs: A high-cut model is ideal if you have wide hips. Thongs with high-cut sides don't draw attention to your waist and showcase your hips.
If you have large thighs then the high-cut detail doesn't disrupt your silhouette and creates harmony.

Ideal for full bottoms: If you have a nice curvy bottom then thongs show it off and you can highlight your lady lumps.

Which thong for what occasion?

Basics: if it's for everyday wear then go for a basic microfibre model with no lace as it is very comfortable and totally invisible even under tight clothing. This super-soft and light fabric is stretchy so it adjusts to every curve for the ultimate in comfort. The ultimate second skin feel! Go for a seamfree model for extra comfort and the ultimate in invisibility under clothes: some are laser-cut. The basic cotton thong also provides unrivalled comfort.

Sexy ones: If you want to treat someone or yourself with beautiful lingerie, the lace thong is your weapon of seduction. Go for thongs in French lace for an irresistible glimpse of your skin.
You're spoilt for choice in terms of design: eye-catching patterns in lace, flowers, plants, classic or retro but always cool.

Thong or tanga?

The difference between these two types of bottoms is how much they cover the hips and bottom. The difference is so subtle that it can be hard to tell them apart.
Some tangas will cover the bottom whilst others will just have a wider band above the bottom and hips.

Compared to thongs, tangas tend to provide more coverage to the bottom and hips.

Thongs and tangas are suitable for ladies with wider hips as they streamline the figure. They showcase round bottoms. Tangas are perfect for women who don't want their bottoms to be completely on show with a wide range of models: full coverage or more subtle.